A New Beginning in WordPress Coding

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Learning the World of WordPress Plugin Development!!

W elcome to my WordPress Plugin Development Journey. This is my blog where I will have information about my plugin development. I’m creating this for a few reasons, firstly, I know that the best way for me to learn is to teach what i’m trying to learn, secondly, I feel that there is a void in many quality wordpress plugin development resources. There are some amazing resources but not many and I am focused on plugin development that helps the wordpress community as well as make learning how to create your own plugins easy accessible.

Quickly Jump to…

What is my plan for how often to post?

That is a legit question and I am not 100% sure how often I will post or remember to post. I’m currently doing this as a interest project with creating a plugin for my web design class I teach at Fanshawe College. I have already started creating an information based plugin that will help my students with knowing the critical deadlines and information about the course.

What you can Expect

My plan is to build plugins that will be of interest to me but make sure to explain my process in what works and didn’t work as I go building these plugins. I know there is an extensive amount of information to know and to help that out I will be following the steps of 2 books along the way. I’ll post those later on as I see how they help me and if they are worth sharing to you.

Who might benefit

This blog is a way for me to learn what i’m developing as well as share that information in a logical, helpful and interesting way. I know there are many resources out there but not many well designed, developed and delivered resources. If your new to wordpress plugin development then this blog is for you. If you know a ton about wordpress plugin development and want to share your knowledge to help improve what i’m doing then by all means do.

The final thought

Well I hope that you have a bit of a better idea about what this blog is about and how I’m going to move forward. As I have already discovered, plugin development is amazingly hard but so rewarding. I personally feel that if you know code the options are endless and this is the start of that passion of mine coming into reality.

Never Stop Learning


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