Plugin Development
January 7, 2019

How to Easily Update a WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugin development: Versions and updates It's so important in plugin development to be able to accurately and easily update your plugin code as versions change and you improve your…
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Plugin Development
December 28, 2018

How to plan a custom wordpress plugin

Plan Your Plugin Before You Code It's amazing to think that you can create a custom wordpress plugin with the simple knowledge of code.. ie php, css, html and js.…
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CorePlugin Development
December 21, 2018

WordPress Plugin Function – add_shortcode()

Wordpress Plugin Function - add_shortcode() Shortcodes are a valuable way of keeping content clean and semantic while allowing end users some ability to programmatically alter the presentation of their content.…
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CorePlugin Development
December 9, 2018

How to use the wordpress plugin register uninstall hook

How to use the register_uninstall_hook It's exciting to create your own wordpress plugin but installing your plugin is only one part. It's critical to know how to use the register_uninstall_hook…
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CorePlugin DevelopmentPlugins
November 20, 2018

Plugin Development – Web Design for Optimization V1

Web Design Plugin Development: Version 1 Welcome!  In this post i'll be covering my first experience in plugin development with the first version of my web design for optimization plugin…
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CorePlugin Development
November 13, 2018

Simplifying WordPress Plugin Filters

Wordpress Filters (Hooks)? WordPress comes bundled with dozens of these filters and they are created using the apply_filters() function. This function takes in the following arguments. $tag (required) $value (required)…
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CorePlugin Development
November 7, 2018

Simplifying WordPress Plugin Actions

What Are WordPress Actions? Actions (Hooks) An action hook is an activity that is performed by WordPress at a specific time. When this action is triggered it will find all…
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October 25, 2018

WordPress Plugins Explained

What Are WordPress Plugins? Plugins are one of WordPress’ most powerful assets. In essence, plugins are modules you activate on your website to provide a series of features or elements.…
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